Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Divine appreciation should lead to good deeds

On 18 June we discussed further the concept of appreciating G-d through studying the complexity within nature. By studying G-d's handiwork we learn about Him, just as a painting brings us knowledge of the painter. The more complexity one sees, the greater is this appreciation. However, one should make sure to apply the conclusion of this meditation to oneself, and consider to oneself: "If G-d created everything else to serve a purpose, then I too have a purpose that I must fulfill: to do good deeds and contribute to society."

Alexey, Brigitte, and Jason came, and we welcomed Margaret and Frankie.


wheatgerm said...

good deeds are good

kristelle del rosario said...

Appreciate the good things, or worse we don't see the good things. It's nice to have a positive life. As part of my goal for this year I want to do something good each day and to motivate me more i share it online. I discovered this great site that aims to spread goodness It is called A Global Tribe A million good deeds you will share.

kristelle del rosario said...
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