Sunday, June 10, 2007

Appreciating the Creator in nature

In the Monotheism Centre Class last week Brigitte, Alexei, and Peter came, who again brought along his friend, Michael. We welcomed Jason again.

We discussed the Torah perspective on the tremendous complexity of G-d’s universe, and how we have an obligation to study the complexities of the creation (and share this knowledge with others) in order to know the Creator and truly appreciate His beauty and His blessings.

The main thing when studying the beauty of nature is to constantly remind oneself that it is a divine expression and gift. He who forgets this misses the point completely, no matter how great his grasp of the wonders of nature. This can be compared to a wife who appreciates the beauty and value of the diamond gift her husband gave her, but becomes egotistically engrossed in the gift and forgets about the husband. The whole purpose of the gift and of comprehending its value is to draw the husband closer to the wife. Thus, if this goal is not achieved, the gift is worthless. Thus, the child who thanks G-d for a tasty lolly is spiritually higher than the professor of science who chooses to be an atheist.

We also discussed the concept that the tremendous multiplicity in nature points to G-d’s omnipotence; He’s not compelled to create the universe in any particular way. Rather, the fact that He created it as He did was purely because He so chose.

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